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Within Reach book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Being a single dad was never on Michael Young's agenda. Yet with the. . Something more than friendshipBeing a single dad was never on Michael Young's agenda. Yet with the sudden loss of his wife, that's exactly the role he has. Download and Read Free Online Within Reach Sarah Mayberry Within Reach by Sarah Mayberry Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read, good.

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Within Reach Sarah Mayberry Pdf

Within Reach Sarah Mayberry Harlequin , p Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley Angie Bartlett had a special friendship with. Within Reach. Sarah Mayberry. Within Reach. Download Within Reach. Within Reach Sarah Mayberry ebook. Publisher: Harlequin Page: Being a single dad was never on Michael Young's agenda. Yet with the sudden loss of his wife, that's exactly the role he has. On his best days, he thinks he can.

Within Reach Sarah Mayberry Pdf Free Download Sarah Mayberry Romance fiction books and ebooks from within reach mayberry sarah how to be happy all the time yogan anda paramhansa no room of her own hellegers desiree barbara leigh smith bodichon and the This Book have some digital formats such us : paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, and another formats. As time progresses, they find they have a mutual attraction to each other and maybe what they are feeling for each other isn't just appreciation for the opposite sex Sarah's Awards. I've been fortunate enough to have my work recognised by a number of awards. It's pretty much a dream come true, really - right up there with getting letters from readers. Studies are. Within reach pdf sarah mayberry. Yet with the sudden loss of his wife, that's exactly the role he has. Well done on reaching 50!! It's high time I read it! It's possible the quick within reach sarah mayberry frame and Angie being Billie's best friend had something to do with it.

Billie simply grinned and kept dancing. Eva giggled, thrilled to be part of the conspiracy to flush out her hardworking father. A minute later, a tall, broad-shouldered figure appeared in the doorway.

His feet were bare, his jeans old and faded, his white T-shirt well washed. He crossed his arms over his chest, the expression in his gray-green eyes equal parts amused and frustrated. Billie sidled up to her husband and passed him their son before starting to dance in earnest, her small body moving smoothly to the beat. She shook her booty, jiggled her small breasts and wiggled her hips until Michael lost the battle and his mouth curved into an all-out grin.

No more work. What needs doing before everyone arrives? The baby stared at her with big, liquid eyes and she dropped a kiss onto his forehead, too. Sunlight streamed through floor-to-ceiling windows that opened onto a deck. The adjacent open-plan living room was also flooded with light, the brightness accentuating the brilliant jewel tones of the furnishings. Like Billie herself, this was a house full of color and life and vibrancy.

An architect, Michael often brought work home with him, something Angie knew Billie sometimes resented. Sorry about that. She was a cheeky little thing, funny and smart as a whip. Billie started dancing, holding Charlie out from her body and shaking her backside as only she could.

Within Reach

Billie simply grinned and kept dancing. Most of the book is comprised of the internal thoughts and feelings of Michael and Angie as they navigate their burgeoning relationship. Not only is the majority of the book's setting located within the main characters' heads but the reader is overwhelmingly told and not shown. It's all very dictational and creates a remove between reader and character. I could not invest really in these two protagonists. This compounds the inability to really feel for Michael and Angie.

One is too busy hoping they'd just get their stuff together if only to be relieved of the unchanging mental monologues. I felt that I could too easily distinguish some of Mayberry's tried and trues in this work and that takes me out of a book. Within Reach by Sarah Mayberry focuses on one of my favorite tropes in romance. A widowed hero who finds love in the most angst-ridden situation one can find and thus Within Reach by Sarah Mayberry is a superb read and delivered exactly what I wanted in the right doses.

Angie Bartlett loses her best friend when Billie dies at the age of Her vivacious friend whose zest for life and color, whose life was so abruptly cut off leaves Angie reeling from the loss of it all. Angie feels as if she is betraying her best friend by feeling desire of such ferocity towards Michael. And Michael who has vowed never to forget nor love any other woman except Billie finds himself torn apart by the strength of his desire to possess and be possessed by the woman who is slowly driving him insane with want.

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Sarah is an author who certainly gets everything right when it comes to developing lovable characters. She has that uncanny ability to deliver characters that we the readers can relate to, characters who are flawed, yet comes with redeeming qualities that just makes them seem so real and larger than life. Angie in my opinion is kindness itself, and she earned my love from the very beginning of the novel.

Angie might be reserved when it comes to being openly affectionate, but she has a mighty tender spot for Billie and her family and that shines throughout the story, even way before she starts developing feelings for Michael.

I loved how Angie seemed to be able to give, expecting nothing in return, even when she knows that the ultimate conclusion of a relationship with Michael might mean irreversible heartbreak for her. Michael is such a delicious hero. I love a man who is larger than life, and that is exactly how I envisioned Michael as I read along. The only thing that disappointed me a bit was the lack of an epilogue.

There was so much angst in the book that the lump in my throat refused to go away each time I picked up the book. Even from chapter 1 itself I knew that Within Reach was going to end up breaking my heart a bit, but then I trusted Sarah enough to put it back together. Nevertheless, Within Reach was an amazing read, and Sarah Mayberry is an author that always never fails to deliver.

Recommended highly to fans of Sarah Mayberry, fans of widowed hero themed romances that love a good angst-ridden read! Apr 22, Jacob Proffitt rated it really liked it Shelves: I made a strong emotional connection with Angie early on and warmed to Michael as he started to lift out of his grief.

Nothing unreasonable, mind, I was just ready for him to be. As with the other book of hers that I've read, this book takes you for a strong emotional ride with evocative, lovable characters going through a rough period handling some not insignificant trials—none of which is cheap or easy.

Mayberry earns the emotional connection by creating characters who jus I made a strong emotional connection with Angie early on and warmed to Michael as he started to lift out of his grief.

Mayberry earns the emotional connection by creating characters who just feel real as they cope with events beyond their control. A note about Steamy: Again, on the high side for me. Three explicit sex scenes and a handful of not quite sex scenes as well. Which isn't a high count, but they do go on for pages and pages. I think I have only read 1 of Sarah Mayberry's books before Within Reach and I am wondering why because it was so incredibly good.

I love her style of writing. Within Reach is hard for me to review because it was so sad to me. The entire story had this underlying sadness to it and I have to say that I cried a lot through out the book. It was a very sweet, heartwarming, emotional story with characters that I so desperately wanted to see get their HEA.

I loved Michael and Angie together but it was I think I have only read 1 of Sarah Mayberry's books before Within Reach and I am wondering why because it was so incredibly good. I loved Michael and Angie together but it was hard to see them struggle with their feelings for each other. But in their struggle I think that Sarah made the story and characters seem more real. I loved the ending and I only wish that there had been an epilogue a couple of years later to show how their lives together turned out.

I say that only because even though they had great moments together, there was always that sadness that covered them and I would have liked to have seen them without so much grief and guilt wrapped around them. Within Reach is one of those stories that even after I was finished, I still ached a little inside. A great book that I couldn't put down and I will definitely be looking for more from Sarah Mayberry. Within Reach has definitely earned a place in my keeper pile.

Love the cover!! What a beautiful, beautiful book If you can look past the cheesy cover, I can promise you, it's the only cheesiness you'll find here. This story about Michael god, I love this man! If you don't think too much on anything but on how great the characters were, how real their developing relationship was, how likable from start to finish every part of this book was No huge dramas.

No real suspense. No actual bad guys.

Just 2 people trying to figure out life and figure out how their feelings for each other fit into it all. Really, really enjoyed it. A Heart felt story and an awesome read! I fell in love with this book from page one. Sarah Mayberry is a very talented writer.

In Within Reach , she weaved a wonderful story of overcoming tragedy and grief and the risking it all for love again. This book was heartbreaking, sweet and charming, and hot and steamy.

If you are looking for a good romance with a great realistic story, then this is the book for you! You won't be disappointed! Jul 14, Holly rated it really liked it Shelves: What a heart-wrenching story. I love that Mayberry took the time to explore something that seems taboo in our society. I was fully entrenched in their battle between guilt and attraction. I even cried a couple of times.

Mar 07, Chi rated it it was amazing Shelves: After reading a couple of unsatisfactory books recently, I finally found one that truly resonated with me. All the angst, heart-felt emotions It isn't a spoiler to say that the book opens with the introduction of the three core characters: Billie, a carefree, open and loving woman, who is also a wife and a mother of two young children; Michael, her loving husband; and Angie, her best friend through thick and thin.

Each of the characters were vibrant and real, so it After reading a couple of unsatisfactory books recently, I finally found one that truly resonated with me.

Each of the characters were vibrant and real, so it was heartbreaking to realise that the prologue would only end in Billie's sudden death, leaving a massive void in the lives of those who loved her the most. I forgot just how well Sarah Mayberry writes characters. There's a certain honesty that their voices have that make it seem as if their thoughts were yours, and that the conversations they were having could happen in real life.

Because of that, her characters are VERY relatable. Their hopes, dreams, motivations, fears, and concerns were all incredibly believable. It was an awesome ride, as Angie and Michael supported one another, a dawning realisation of their attraction to one another, and why they had to fight against that attraction. I rate this book quite highly for all the angst, love and realisations. The ending was perhaps too perfect, but I could believe that they could overcome their obstacles, despite the challenges that could arise.

Aug 20, Brie rated it it was ok. Unfortunately for me, not even Ms.

One Good Reason - Sarah Mayberry - Book - Free Ebook Download

Mayberry could make me enjoy it. Michael and Angie had one person in common: Billie -- his wife and her best friend. One day Billie died, and just like that their lives changed. Basically grief has rendered him useless. Little by little they help each other put their lives in order, regain some normalcy and deal with their loss. Then the attraction begins. Saying this is a tricky situation is putting it mildly. There is a lot of grief in this book. Everyone was in pain, including me.

Sarah Mayberry

Michael and Angie were interestingkkk, complex characters and I liked them a lot. It was difficult seeing them suffer so much and I wanted them to be happy again. They had many things in common as well as great chemistry. So in a way, they were better suited than Michael and Bille ever were. Yet, it was obvious that Michael was head over heels in love with his wife. Within Reach is about a man losing the love of his life.

So the reader has to accept that part of his heart will always belong to someone else. But Michael falls head over heels in love with Angie too, because the story is also about a man finding love again. It was a realistic portrayal of a tragic situation.

A big part of the fault is mine, because as much as I love Ms. But I think the main issue I had with the story was the timeframe. One year is not enough to get over such a devastating loss. Billie is a big part of the story, Michael is constantly haunted by her memory —understandably so—and the whole time I felt like I was reading about the love triangle from hell where everyone ends up shortchanged: Good times! It had some flaws but overall was an interesting, honest portrayal of grief, loss and second chance at love and life.

It just wasn't the book for me. First, before I begin, let me say that as a result of my friends on Goodreads, I have been meaning to read Sarah Mayberry for about 2 or 3 months now but being fickle and lazy and somewhat cheap when it comes to books, I had never gotten around to picking up one of her stories.

Because this book tugged at my heartstrings and made me what to read more by her. I loved Michael and Angie. I loved the pain t 4. I loved seeing the hurt and the guilt and the anger that came with the loss of Billie.

I love that Angie helped Michael get back to the land of the living and Michael helped Angie as well. I love that they are friends and as such, both are horrified when they start to develop sexual awareness of the other person. And the guilt that quickly followed. Yet all of it was handled in such a genuine, realistic way that I can't help but root for them knowing that all the while Billie was rooting for them too.

This book hit another chord with me however, as it slightly mirrors my own family life. I was five months old when my biological mother died of a seizure brought on by complications due to diabetes; my older brother was 2 and a half years old. Overnight, my dad was suddenly left a widower with two small children. When I was eight months old, he hired a co-worker who knew both him and his late wife, to babysit his small children.

By the time I was one and a half they were dating. Three weeks after my third birthday, they were married in a ceremony that included my brother and I. In the next few years that followed, more babies were added to our household. As of today, my parents have been married twenty two years and have raised five children together. Within the next few weeks, they will became grandparents for the first time and are over the moon about that. So this story hits a quiet chord with me as I imagine a lot of emotions and feelings and thoughts that Angie and Michael went through are also what my parents went through as well and I thank Sarah Mayberry for the delicate and natural and wonderful way she wrote this story.

Now excuse me. For I have to lend my Kindle to my mom so she can read this story. For this is her story as well.

This is the first book I've read by Sarah Mayberry and I'm thoroughly convinced I need to read more from her. In Within Reach wife and mother of two, Billie Robinson, dies suddenly at a very young age. Ten months later her husband, Michael, is still devastated and having a hard time living.

Her best friend for half her life, Angie Bartlett, is grieving but trying to help Michael and the kids Eva and Charlie as best she can.

As Angie helps Michael emerge from the darkness where his grief h This is the first book I've read by Sarah Mayberry and I'm thoroughly convinced I need to read more from her. As Angie helps Michael emerge from the darkness where his grief has left him, and he starts living life again, the two get closer. They had always been tangential friends through Billie and now they're becoming friends in their own right. This was certainly not a lighthearted romance.

The grief these characters were feeling was palpable and Mayberry did an excellent job of conveying these emotions. From the sadness of the little things they missed about Billie, to the kids' grief, to the crushing guilt and self-loathing they felt at the prospect of this burgeoning relationship — however irrational their feelings may have been.

I've read plenty of stories with the widowed parent falling in love again, but I'm not sure I've read very many where the new love is the best friend of the deceased spouse. Still, I feel as though this is the most realistic portrayal of this trope I've ever read.

Charlie and Eva were resilient as children often are, but they are obviously still grieving. While I wish there was more with the children later on in the story they aren't shuffled off somewhere, they don't disappear. Taking care of them is a big plot point in the story and the issues with working a sexual relationship around the children is addressed including one scene where someone may have wanted to make Eva a Ragu dinner later. I really liked Michael and Angie.

They had likable personalities, and a great sense of humor that shined through the sadness. They worked well together as a couple. There was nothing forced about them. However, the guilt both felt at every glance, the attraction, sexual encounters, and feelings of something more was intense. They put themselves through a lot of self-flagellation every step of the way. The reader is put in the position of empathizing with them but also wanting to shake them and tell them to give themselves a break.

Within Reach was published under Harlequin's Superromance line. I think maybe I haven't read a lot from this line because I was rather surprised how numerous and explicit the sex scenes were.

I'm not saying that's bad at all though it was approaching the border of too many , it just caught me off guard because I had a completely different idea of that line.

That said, these were the best sex scenes I've read since Julie James. The chemistry between Michael and Angie leapt off the page.

They were sensual and lacked cringe-worthy euphemisms almost entirely though he did find "the hard pearl of her clitoris" once. Unfortunately for these characters, after they finished, the hard reality of grief came crashing down each time including one particularly difficult scene where Michael woke up thinking he had Billie in his arms again and their reactions often weren't pretty.

While the change from their sexual relationship into a lasting, loving relationship made sense the time frame of the story was sort of difficult. Not only did it seem too soon from a reader's perspective — it goes from ten months after Billie's death until well after the one year anniversary — but much of the acute grief they displayed reinforced this notion.

For the most part I was able to push this aside but it was a niggling complaint in the back of my mind. I'm not sure if the idea of Angie as the second place woman was an actual issue or if it was just a personal hang-up I was having.

I truly believe that Michael came to love her but I couldn't help thinking how he would always prefer to have Billie. Then I was sad for Angie that she would never be someone's first-choice love. I'm aware this is probably an odd thought process but that is where my mind went.