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Foldoutcount: 0. Identifier: mircea-eliade-istoria-ideilor-si-credintelor-religioase- vol Identifier-ark: ark://t05x5rn3m. Ocr: ABBYY. Mircea Eliade, Istoria credinţelor şi ideilor religioase, trans. Cezar Baltag, Bucharest: Editura Univers Enciclopedic, (in Romanian). Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

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Mircea Eliade Istoria Religiilor Ebook

Tratat de istorie a religiilor (Romanian Edition) [Mircea Eliade] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Un fenomen religios nu se va dezvalui ca. Tratat de . Tratat de istorie a religiilor (Romanian Edition) [Mircea Eliade] on haiwingbasoftdif.ml * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Un fenomen religios nu se va dezvalui ca. Mircea Eliade (Romanian: ; March 9 [O.S. February 24] – April 22, ) .. Albany, ; Victor Frunză, Istoria stalinismului în România ("The History of.

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The Familiars is also the title of the first book in the series, featuring familiars, magical animal companions to a wizard or witch. Familiars are magical beings, tied to the soul. What would yours be? Share quiz. What is your familiar? Team worker or no? What best suits you? You are a team worker, but you need to be on top, helping everyone out with their problems, regardless. You do what you are told, when you are told, how you are told. A familiar is a magical being that is part of you and aids you with magic.

Take this quiz! Who is the leader of your group? What do you do for fun? Who really A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. Go to My Dashboard In the book, The Familiars, there are three pairs consisting of a wizard and their magical pet. This is a quiz on the adventure of three familiars. The main scope of this article is to give a brief presentation of this specific type of vessels from Baia, discovered in — It should be stated from the very beginning that we do not agree that these particular depictions represent snake-goddesses.

Therefore, the complete number of separate vessels, complete or represented by fragments, rises to 68 Table The vessels mostly come from three dwellings and two features. We now will present the context of the discoveries Fig. Anyway, the final conclusions about the distribution of the inventory in the large building 3 will be made after finishing the excavation of this unique burnt clay construction.

Finally, a separate ceramic fragment was discovered at a considerable distance from dwelling L3, in a later archaeological complex. Vessels from Baia — description2 The complete and restored vessels have a height of The vessels were hand-shaped and engobed prior to decoration; some of them display burnishing of the outer surface.

All of the pots were burnt in an incomplete oxidising atmosphere, revealing also traces of secondary burning. All of the vessels discovered so far belong to one single type: tronconical pot with emphasised shoulder and straight high rim. This particular type is pretty rare for Precucuteni—Tripolye A ceramic assemblage. The decoration is always arranged tectonically within three or four longitudinal metopes.

Some of the vessels were encrusted with white paste made out of crushed bones, according to preliminary chemical analysis. Table Between these, angular meanders are situated, marking the arms and separating the registers Fig.

In some cases, these meanders display excised apexes. In one case, the right arm has an opened hand, realistically depicted Fig. It looks like the artists suggested several positions of the arms: behind the back, one pointing up and the other down; both arms laid down; one arm with the hand behind the head and the other with the hand laying behind the back or on the hip. Interpretation3 The following analysis, corroborated with studies of religious beliefs history of religion , reveals several general conclusions.

The analysing of the ceramic vessels depicting stylised anthropomorphic representations, based on the above-mentioned theories, allowed us to draw the following conclusions: 1. Another remarkable aspect is the shape of the ceramic vessels depicting stylised anthropomorphic representations, which is always the same. For the archaic man, life is an absolute reality and, as such, it is a sacred one. We are not ruling out Dmitri Ia.

The heads of some of the anthropomorphic representations discovered at Tell Azmak—Karanovo I, for example, were rendered in a more or less similar way, Garfinkel fig. The silhouettes are probably depicted while performing a dance, one hand behind the back, and one either pointing up or resting on the hip. In prehistoric Anatolia, there are representations of anthropomorphic figures depicted with the arms in similar positions Garfinkel 28—29, fig.

When discussing the central-Anatolian Chalcolithic At the same time, the number and order in which the lines depicting the arms were arranged, might also suggest physical bounding and knots Eliade , ; Eliade 7. In our opinion, every representation is a feminine one Eliade 18 ; apart from depicting garments, the rhombus representations Fig. Just about every anthropomorphic figure seems to wear necklaces, which also gives the characters a particular status; this type of neck ornament is rarely depicted in the Precucuteni—Tripolye A ornamentation.

Eliade 27; Eliade a: — Extremely relevant for our study is the fact that a recent x-ray radiography of a Cucutenian statuette discovered at Ruginoasa, showed that the heart was deliberately marked out by a pebble added in the clay body Pavel et al.

The pot also represents a union of clay and water, fundamental elements of genesis Boghian and n. Could a cycle be symbolised? All of these symbols are complementary.

Just as well, one of the objects associated with Persephone is the jug Ferrari Compositions of spiral volutes bordered by linear elements were created above three of the characters perhaps suggesting interrelated ploughs, too? The spiral, a polyvalent symbol of the moon, as well as a representation of the shell Eliade —78 , is also associated with fertility and may indicate a light—darkness Eliade a: —74, or birth-life cycle Eliade , thus gaining a cyclical evaluative aspect, somewhat labyrinthical Dictionary The decoration on the shoulder of one of the fragmentary vessels Fig.

The vessel discovered at Timkovo Fig.

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The decorum on the shoulder of the vessel discovered at Slobodka Zapadnaia Fig. As the volumes are always multiple of 0. Just as well, Celeus, the king of Eleusis, had three according to Paus. All these possible interpretations, together with the anthropomorphic representations themselves, mostly feminine ones, lead us to believe that the Neo-Eneolithic communities only celebrated the lunar cults. We believe that, ever since the Palaeolithic Chirica and passim; Chirica et al.

Aleksandrovka after Burdo fig. Slobodka-Zapadnaia after Burdo fig. The transformations from the end of Neo-Eneolithic led to the occurrence of two mythical systems Fedele 47 , the Neo-Eneolithic one being influenced by the Aegean culture Platon III, —57; Eliade, Culianu ; Ries , by the Eleusinian Mysteries Briant 50 and passim which last for a long time Ries , or by the Sumerian and then the Babylonian worlds Ries ; Zugravu 71—72, n.

The ceramic vessels decorated with stylised pillar-like anthropomorphic representations from Precucuteni—Tripolye A are standardised objects and, implicitly, ritual items, associated with fertility and fecundity, probably elements of a lunar cult.

Conclusions This preliminary information on the specific vessels with stylised anthropomorphic pillar-like representations from the — campaigns in Baia allows us to draw some conclusions and to contour some directions for further research. The volumes of the vessels are multiple of 0. The degree of schematisation of human figures is extremely high, at the same time there are many smaller elements and ornamental units that could reflect possible garments, accessories and so on.

In one case, there is a realistically modelled hand. The analysis of context and iconography of these specific vessels is able to provide interesting and valuable insights into their function and meaning. Further investigations in Baia are able to provide even more material of this type.

Also, it is very possible that new unknown vessels and, especially, fragments will be found in older collections. In contrast to vessels with anthropomorphous depictions, excavations in Baia yielded a surprisingly low number of clay anthropomorphic figurines just five from more than excavated square metres and that is another interesting aspect of the settlement which shall be clarified and interpreted basing on material from future investigations.

Also, very promising looks the possibility of a final analysis of the vessels from dwelling L3 which will be performed after its complete excavations and will therefore represent a thought-provoking attempt of characterising the complete inventory of pots with anthropomorphic depictions from this unique and remarkable construction.

Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank the editors of the volume for their kind invitation to contribute to this interesting compilation on anthropomorphic pottery. Mr Petru Palamar Suceava photographed the vessels. Finally, Ionela Melinte Suceava performed the chemical analysis of white encrustation and kindly provided us with the preliminary results of her research. Nikolov, K. Kalchev eds , Prehistoric Thrace: — Nikolov and K.

Bader, T. Acta Musei Napocensis V: — Barna, J. People, Settlement and Landscape on Lake Balaton over the millennia: 19— Berzovan, A. Terra Sebus 1: — Boghian, D. Briant, M. Bucharest: Herald. Burdo, N. Chirica, V. Memoria Antiquitatis. Bodi and V. Daniel, C. Scrieri din Orientul antic. Chevalier, J. Gheerbrant coord.

Mircea eliade pdf ebook compiler

Mituri, vise, obiceiuri, gesturi, forme, figuri, culori, numere. Dumitrescu, H. Materiale IX: 39— Eliade, M. Aspecte ale mitului.

Mircea Eliade - Monoskop

Bucharest: Univers. Bucharest: Humanitas. Bucharest: Univers Enciclopedic. Tratat de istorie a religiilor. Erdogu, B. Journal for Interdisciplinary Research on Religion and Science 5: — Fedele, F. In Giovanni Filoramo ed. Istoria religiilor. Religiile antice: 17— Ferrari, A. Garfinkel, Y.

Austin, TX: University of Texas.

Gheorghiu, M. Ghinoiu, I. Gombrich, E. Bucharest: Art. Groneberg, B. Leick ed. New York: Routledge. Herea pr. Suceava: Karl A. Ursulescu, D. Monah, V. Bibliotheca Archaeologica Iassiensis I: 89— In Imnuri. Poeme apocrife. Bucharest: Minerva. Idel, M. Kernbach, V. Bucharest: Albatros.

Kun, N.


Bucharest: Editura Lider. Larson, J. A guide. Praelectiones Patavinae IX: — Leick, G.

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